Going Ape over Shabani the Gorilla

Friday 24th, July 2015 / 19:40 Written by
Going Ape over Shabani the Gorilla

Shabani gorilla

Meet Shabani, the gorilla who has earned the nickname ‘Ikeman’ or ‘Good-looking man’. The resident of Higashiyama Zoo, Nagoya has got smitten visitors going ape over him!

The hunk of a gorilla has a perfectly ripped and chiselled physique and is often seen posing for photos for his female fans!

The 18 year old Gorilla was born in the Netherlands and raised in Australia before moving to Japan in 2007 where his fame has sky rocketed!

Unfortunately for any interested female gorillas out there he is a happily married Ape with 2 wives and a devoted father of two.

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