Forget sunbathing, how about forest bathing? (Shinrin Yoku)

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Forget sunbathing, how about forest bathing? (Shinrin Yoku)

In Japan there is an ancient tradition of forest bathing. This is where you walk through the forest or an area submerged in trees. In a sense sun bathing in the aura, energy, smells, sounds and feeling of the forest.

Various studies have found that it can bear positive neuro-psychological effects on one, by relaxing the nervous system. In a nutshell it reduces stress. What is interesting is the fact that in Japanese there is a specific expression for this activity,Shinrin Yoku. Moreover there are currently 44 accredited forests that ensure your forest bathing needs.

When forest bathing you are breathing in essential oils from wood that are antimicrobial. Trips for forest athing were first promoted by the Forest Agency of Japan in 1982 and now is recognised as a staple relaxation activity. Whilst you can only really sun bath in the sun, bathing in forests can be done all year round.

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