Maiko san (apprentice Geisha )are coming to NZ!

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Maiko san (apprentice Geisha )are coming to NZ!

NZ’s first ever Maiko event – Admission free!


Who are Maiko?

Maiko are apprentice Geisha, traditional Japanese female artists who have done rigorous training and are accomplished in the Japanese arts, such as tea ceremony, flower arranging and dancing. Always elaborately and immaculately-dressed, Maiko are one of the most unique and distinct embodiments of high culture in Japanese classical arts.

This is the first time ever to have Maiko from Kyoto in Japan touring New Zealand. In this event, two Maiko will introduce their culture and life and perform traditional dances as well as a mini lesson of the language spoken in their city, which was once the capital of ancient dynasties.
A truly rare experience, meet the most enchanting and also mysterious treasures of Kyoto and witness the secret traditions of Japan.
The Fascinating World of Maiko
Kyoto is known as the historical former capital of Japan with over a thousand years history. In Kyoto, there are currently about 180 Geiko (the terms used to refer to Geisha in Kyoto ) and 70 Maiko. Maiko are the girls who are training to become Geiko. Their day-to-day training is extremely tough, but they strive to reach their dream of becoming professional. They are a truly valuable legacy of the Japanese culture.
Important: You need to register and print the ticket and present this between 1:45pm and 2:15pm at entrance on the event day or your seat may be given away.

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