Meet the World’s Most Expensive Ramen!

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Meet the World’s Most Expensive Ramen!

I, like a lot of people absolutely love ramen! What’s not to like, it has everything you need to satisfy your taste buds and fill your belly and all usually at a very reasonable price. All food groups are covered with your pork, your egg and your veges with your hearty warming soup. It is also a staple food in your pantry as cheap packaged instant noodles, a firm favorite for the students of the world and people after a quick easy snack.

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But now the game has changed!

I have just read about Chef Yuji Wakiya at his New York City restaurant Koa, selling ramen at US$180 a bowl!!!! Holding the title as the world’s most expensive ramen, a title previously held by Chef Shoichi Fujimaki in Tokyo for US$120 a bowl.

ramen 3

That’s a mark-up of roughly 10x the usual cost of a bowl, for that price I’m thinking it must contain gold or something….oh wait it does!

So contained within Chef Wakiya’s ‘Kobe Wagyu Ramen’ is the following –

it is made with Shanton broth, made from a combination of pork, chicken, dried shrimp, dried scallop, and dried Konbu seaweed and it is served with green and white asparagus and Binchotan charcoal-grilled Japanese Kobe Wagyu steak topped with black truffles and 24-karat gold leaf! check it out below!

ramen 2

To help justify the price a little bit more it is served in special handmade bowls and is eaten using elaborately detailed handmade chopsticks (that you get to keep and take home with you as a memento).

I mean it does sound amazing and looking at the picture makes me really like to try it, even at that price……. But I’d hate to think how much they charge for a beer!

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