Don Quijote: Japans Favourite Store

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Don Quijote: Japans Favourite Store

With over 160 locations throughout Japan Don Quijote or Donki as it affectionately known by locals is one of the most amazing, budget friendly shops I have ever been to. Keep a look out for the cute blue penguin mascot Donpen and you will know you have arrived

Don Quijote is your one stop shop to purchase anything and everything you need, want, or require. With everything from beer to cosmetics, socks to fancy dress, electronics to designer handbags, clothing to traditional goods and foods you can literally find it all, all at a discount.

For tourists the store is a god send as you can do all your souvenir shopping in one go without going from shop to shop wasting a whole day, because of the variety you will find something for everyone regardless of what they like and what they collect or enjoy. The other good thing is it will not break your budget as the prices are very wallet friendly and also tax-free with your foreign passport.

Getting around the store is easy, on each floor there is usually signage that indicates what products are on which floor. It makes it quick and convenient if you’re looking for something in particular but it wont take long for you to go off track and et lost over the multiple levels and aisles while you browse through the endless goods and products.

The goods are stacked in every last inch of the store and you can easily waste hours browsing around having fun in there.

You can find your nearest store on their webpage with the handy store locator and one of the great things about Don Quijote are their long opening hours. Many stores in the Tokyo suburbs are open from 9am until 5am daily and a lot of the stores closer to the middle of the city are 24 hours.

This is brilliant for those who need to pick something up after a night out on the town or those of you who arrive on a late flight and have time to waste or even for those of you who are night owls and fancy some late night browsing and shopping.

The whole experience is fun, even if your not the biggest fan of shopping you are sure to have a good time finding random goods and trying on the funny hats and messing around with the novelty items and you are guaranteed to leave the shop with at least one extra item not on your list.

Be sure to check it out when you next in Japan, and shop away to your hearts content, I certainly enjoyed my time in their and went at least couple times a week to several of their stores.

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