Japanese Technology for Ground Check

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Japanese Technology for Ground Check

Both New Zealand and Japan experienced big earthquakes in 2011. The buildings and houses were damaged, roads were ripped and the intense shake caused ground liquefaction. We cannot avoid natural disasters but can prepare for it.

Japan Home Shield Company has researched and collected ground records in Japan since 1993 and now the number of soil analysis performed is over 1 million. They use own machine and the ground inspection method is called SDS (Screw Driving Sounding) Test.


What are the features of SDS Test?
・Survey equipment that records three parameters; load, torque and settlement
・Fully automated machinery that a single person can operate (Not operator –dependent)
・Compact so Transportable even to hard-to-reach destinations such as mountain top
・10m depth ×12 Sites /day = daily surveyable depth of 120m
・1 site takes around 30 minutes
・Possible to obtain more data at a lower cost than in previous practice

SDS Test 1

Last month Konii from the Japan Homes Shield Corporation and Yasin from Civil & Environment Engineer held demonstrations of SDS Test at the University of Auckland Newmarket campus. Many people from the related firms visited the site and interestingly watched how well the machine works. This will gain a big share of the Ground check field in NZ in the near future.

If you are interested in SDS Test, please feel free to ask the following contact;

Company: Ground Investigation Ltd.
Phone: 09 950 1919
Web: http://www.g-i.co.nz/

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