MUJI and NITORI – Japanese Interior brands

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MUJI and NITORI – Japanese Interior brands

NITORI Holdings sales increased by 12% to ¥ 512.9 billion in the fiscal year ended February 2017, and operating income increased by 17% to ¥ 85.7 billion, achieving 30 consecutive terms of higher revenue and earnings. This operating profit margin 20% is more than double of UNIQLO. Now they set up stores in Taiwan rather than in all prefectures in Japan.

In April 15, it opened a department store “Plantan Ginza (now · Maronie gate Ginza)” in Ginza, Tokyo. It is the first time to open a shop in the Ginza area, as NITORI had been recognised as affordable furniture brand. However this opening is welcomed by 20s and 30s who are looking for good quality products with cheap prices in city centre.

NITORI have operated the robot warehouse “Auto Store” at the mail order shipping center of Home Logistics. This introduction is the first in Japan. The work efficiency improved by 3.75 times, and the inventory area was reduced by 40%!


MUJI (Ryohin Keikaku)  also showed double-digit growth, with operating revenues (sales) rising 8% to 33.3 billion yen, and operating income up 11% to 38.3 billion yen.

MUJI, originally founded in Japan in 1980, offers a wide variety of good quality products
including household goods, apparel and food.
Mujirushi Ryohin, MUJI in Japanese, translates as “no-brand quality goods.” The super minimal products have been stably popular since its foundation. They have created over 7000 products so far. Now their challenging and innovative products got many of hit-sellers.

Sofa that fit your body

“Sofa that spoil people” (fits your body)

Since 2000 MUJI has produced HOUSE itself too. It’s today’s “Japanese house” that they have examined every little activity in our lives. One of their unique approaches is, in accordance with the growth of children and lifestyle changes, it is possible to change the space freely, easily, and using the partition walls.

For the closest shop from NZ, in Australia, there are 3 MUJI shops. You can feel MUJI there.

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