Noriko Collins, Producer of Kimono Kollab

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Noriko Collins, Producer of Kimono Kollab

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Noriko Collins, Producer of Kimono Kollab


Look these beautiful reborn Kimonos!
They are collaboration art produced by Noriko Collins. In 2014 she started this Kimono Art Collaboration project in Singapore as she faced at a sad issue that many of Kimonos are abandoned because of the some dirtiness or tear, although they look still beautiful. In addition to the situation, she has missed Japan living apart from the home country for long time. So she launched the ‘Kimono Kollab’ from zero knowledge and connection in fashion industry.

Collaboration with Artists
First project was October 2014. She offered the collaboration plan to 11 active artists, new and well established. They gave ready consents saying that the top concept was interesting and it was new for them to have exposure to Kimono. The artists really enjoyed creating new Kimono clothing from old fabric. For two weeks pop-up store at Takashimaya Singapore, she prepared 200 goods and surprisingly 70% of them were sold within the first two days. The customers seemed to look for one-of-a-kind items therefore her projects hit. Noriko felt happy seeing the Kimono art pieces and customers. Of course there are always difficulties but her policy that she wants to share the beauty of Kimono and to help artists hand chances never changes.

Kimonokollab Takashimaya

Workshop at school
Recently she had a workshop at a School of Art in Singapore, and taught the students from the basic knowledge of Kimono to how to make new clothing from the Kimono inclusive of cutting and patterning. As well as the students, the teachers enjoyed her workshop so now the second workshop is been arranging.

New chapter will open…
Noriko had worked in the financial industry in Tokyo and moved to Singapore due to her Kiwi husband’s transfer. After 18 years life there, they decided to move to Auckland in NZ and she will start the Kimono Kollab here. She brought all of her collection of Kimono pieces from Singapore and will bring some more from Japan. In her mind it’s not only for clothing but for all kinds of Art. For example, painter can use and transform Kimono fabric with stains to an art work.                                                                  


                    Noriko’s message
I am proud of my work that can save and share Kimono with artists and customers. It is called ‘Upcycle’ which is ecology and creative.
If you are artist or designer and interested in my Kimono Kollab project, please feel free to ask me. Place of country doesn’t matter. Through this project, I want to let you feel Kimono familiar and the Japanese craftsmanship of textile.





Kimono Kollab comes at Takashimaya Singapore again!
If you are in Singapore, visit and get inspired 🙂

1st October – 13th October / 25th November – 8th December



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