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Saori ROKURODA- Barfoot & Thompson

六郎田さおりさんSaori ROKURODA grew up on a Thoroughbred farm in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture in Japan. She first travelled to Australia as an exchange student and continued her education in the UK and the USA thereafter. She obtained her BS and MS in Animal Science at the University of Kentucky. Eventually, her family circumstances brought her to New Zealand. Saori says “I love New Zealand – it’s safe, relaxed, and an abundant daily enjoyment of life…we have ‘real happiness’ here.”


Saori cherishes her life in New Zealand with her Kiwi husband and children, and appreciates the relaxed lifestyle here. The family enjoys horse riding, kayaking, boating, fishing and other outdoor activities. Saori works 7 days a week. Her only wish at the moment is to have more time with her husband, who is also busy working in the building industry. Saori and her husband have a busy life together between work and family.


Saori has always been the sporty type.  She holds a 2nd Dan in Kendo, a traditional Japanese swordsmanship using a Bamboo sword. She likes to watch martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. She loves to go to the gym, when she can, and practice boxercise in particular. She also enjoys fishing despite her tendency to get seasick. Her favorite fish are snapper and kahawai.


Saori has been selling residential properties in all areas of Auckland. She appreciates the every opportunity to list the clients’ properties by trusting her professionalism and in-depth knowledge of Auckland housing market. What Saori enjoys about her work is interaction with people from various cultures. She has always liked meeting people and getting to know them. She believes that her job enables her to touch the ‘warmth’ of people. Saori specializes in selling properties, and her clients’ happiness and their satisfaction means the most to her. Some past clients have become Saori’s good friends and repeated clients. Every year she sets her own goal and endeavors to achieve it. Saori offers free no-obligation appraisal and advice in Auckland market.

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