Sushi deliveries….Japanese style!

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Sushi deliveries….Japanese style!

Like all things in the world nowadays, us as humans like convenience and gadgets so what’s more convenient and futuristic that your sushi being delivered….by a robot!

As we know, Japan loves all things robot and so the geniuses at Tokyo based robotics firm ZMP have put their minds together and come up with the CarriRo Delivery Unit. Standing at one metre tall, the CarriRo Delivery is built to autonomously navigate pedestrian walkways through the use of cameras and laser sensors at a speed of up to 6 KM (3.73 miles) per hour, roughly as fast as a briskly striding human.

It comes armed with headlights for them late night munchies and can carry enough food to feed around 60 hungry people.


ZMP has joined forces with Ride on Express, a multi divisional food delivery service, which includes popular sushi from Gin no Sara, so from next month the fun looking robots could be bringing your lovely sushi direct to you.


Currently, legislation is still hazy on the legality of autonomous robots operating on public sidewalks. So although the CarriRo Delivery can be monitored and controlled remotely by human operators, for the robots initial assignment its use will be limited to private property such as office parks and other non-sidewalk areas. If all goes well, though, ZMP hopes to have its robots moving among pedestrians on regular sidewalks in the near future.

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