TOP 10 Most Viewed YouTube in NZ vs JAPAN

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TOP 10 Most Viewed YouTube in NZ vs JAPAN

No. 1 YouTuber in the World

In recent surveys in Japan, becoming a YouTube star has been always one of top 10 dream jobs among Japanese children.

It was announced that Ryan Kaji, the eight-year-old behind YouTube channel “Ryan’s World,” remained the video platform’s highest earner for a second year, raking in $26 million in 2019, according to Forbes’ annual list. This is almost same earnings to our tennis muse, Naomi Osaka. Wow, and Wow.

As you may know if you have watched his YouTube, Ryan’s parents are Japanese and Vietnamese. It is very proud for Japanese that the little Japanese boy has acquired the world’s best YouTuber in 2019. His original YouTube style is  “unboxing” genre of opening and trying out toys, and recently his channel expands its contents, more about experiment, education, family challenge and original anime.

Let’s check and compare who are the best YouTubers in New Zealand and Japan!


New Zealand’s Most View YouTube Channels in 2019
  1. LordeVEVO
  2. Fitz
  3. Disney Junior Australia & New Zealand
  4. Shaaanxo
  5. Living Big In A Tiny House
  6. Viva La Dirt League
  7. LOGinHDi
  8. Shirley Setia
  9. Cartoon Network New Zealand
  10. The Place Dance Studio



Japan’s Most View YouTube Channels in 2019
  1. avex
  2. Hajime Syacho 
  3. Hikakin TV
  4. Kan & Aki’s Channel
  5. Sen, Momo, Ai & Shii
  6. Seikin TV
  7. Bon Bon TV
  8. 2BRO
  9. Universla Music Japan
  10. Hikaru Channel

Compared to the NZ’s results, Japanese ones are more focused on the YouTube stars trying something. They create movies very often to keep gaining views, almost every day. Kids follow their channels and talk about it at school or LINE, rather than TV.


As a Japanese living in overseas, below YouTube channels are quite interesting for me. If you would like to visit Japan one day, it will be super useful and you can see latest real Japanese atmosphere and information by them.

Abroad In Japan

Paoro from Tokyo




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