Kaori NAKAMORI- Auckland Japanese Supplementary School

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Kaori NAKAMORI- Auckland Japanese Supplementary School

中森かおりさん授業Kaori NAKAMORI has been teaching for 5 years at Auckland Japanese Supplementary School.

Kaori was born, brought up and educated in Iga, Mie Prefecture in Japan.

When she talks about her home town, she mentions its fame as “the home of Ninja”. Its tradition as the hub of Ninja training attracts tourists to the country town. Her passion, however, was playing the piano. She used to practice 3 to 4 hours a day every day, up to 8 to 9 hours before finishing her graduate school.

When she finished her education majoring in music education, she had the urge to go overseas. She applied for a position as a Japanese language assistant in Perth, Australia, and spent a year teaching as a volunteer. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience, teaching Japanese songs, origami, making sushi with primary school children. She stayed with a family of one of the students, so she could share their activities such as soccer and playing TV games. After this experience she decided that she wanted to teach Japanese overseas.

Advised to get work experience back in Japan, she got a job as a teacher in a Japanese primary school. She taught there for a couple of years and returned to the same school in Perth by using the working holiday visa. After teaching in Japan for another year, she applied for the current job in New Zealand.

Though she teaches on Saturdays as well, she enjoys various activities both on her own and socially. She walks, bakes, and sings in the choir, Volcanic City Voice in Remuera. She started baking mainly because she participates in home parties, bringing a plate.

She loves teaching the students at the school, and she says that their smile always gives her energy.

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