Watch Out! ….. KANCHO!!!!

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Watch Out! ….. KANCHO!!!!

If you’re an adult that works regularly around young children in Japan you may want to watch your back. Because in Japan there is a prank that is not really known in the western world. That prank is known as Kancho!

So what is it?

Well……put simply Kancho is when someone, usually a child sneaks up on you and makes a gun shape with their forefingers and pokes up from behind right in your butt.

If you’re a teacher, parent, older sibling you better try to at all times watch your back parts from being probed, you could also find yourself getting a probe from someone at work, high school or college (some people just don’t mentally grow up)!


It’s not just a game played in Japan, Korea and the Philippines also have their own version. It is so common and popular they even have statues to commemorate the good old days of Kancho.

The word is a slang adoption of the Japanese word for enema. In accordance with widespread practice, the word is generally written in katakana when used in its slang sense, and in kanji when used for enemas in the medical sense.


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