“BALMUDA The Gohan” Japanese Ultimate Rice Cooker

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“BALMUDA The Gohan”   Japanese Ultimate Rice Cooker

As we eat rice every day, I think that we know tastes of “good” rice better than other countries.

Most of Japanese use Rice cookers at home, and we have about 500 products which the price range are from $20 to $2500!  Companies always strive to improve their technology to create better steamed rice tastes.

That’s why Japanese Rice cookers are very popular to foreigners, especially Chinese.

This month, a Japanese home appliance company “BALMUDA” launched a new product called “BALMUDA The Gohan”.

Since 2015, BALMUDA has entered into the cooking home appliance, and it became the large hit product with the word-of-mouth communication that as for the toaster “BALMUDA The Toaster” which combines individual temperature control and steam technology, “the usual pan becomes several times tasty”.

The Gohan

“The Gohan” heats basically mainly with the steam.

The most unique point is using two kettles, which makes the boiled rice kindly and the rice fragrance can be pulled out.

“The Gohan” also succeed to heat all process below the 100℃, against other rice cookers are above the 100℃. This brings a fact that the taste is plugged without damage to the rice surface, which creates beautiful shiny rice with perfect stickiness and sweet taste.

The Gohan 2 kettles

Because this product is the first one, it’s still having problems to solve.

One is it doesn’t have a heat keeping function yet, and another one is you can only make rice up to 3 Gou (About 450g).

For us in NZ, the power voltage difference is also an issue. It’s AC100V…

However I am really curious its taste!!!!

As today on 21 Jan 2017, “The Gohan” is ranked as 17 of 1991 rice cooker category in KAKAKU.COM.

The price?

It is around NZ$550 (1NZ$=80 Yen). Not too bad.


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