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日曜日 17th, 5月 2015 / 20:54 Written by
Decision Vending

Vending machines in Japan are like no where else in the world. Not only in items they dispense, but in there absolute ubiquity. Take a stroll through any suburban neighbourhood and you will come across countless varieties of constantly changing beverages. So many choices.

There are more than 5 million vending machines in Japan. Whether it be a coffee (white / dark), tea (so many teas), soda, juice, energy drink, sports drink, milkshake or pro-biotic yoghurt, you will find it. These leads the frequent 3 AM trips outside in search of that inexplicable dream-craving for melon flavoured soda.

That’s not where their usefulness ends, there are hundreds of thousands of other kinds of vending machines littered throughout the country. Although not nearly as widespread, it’s possible to buy canned food, flowers, cigarettes, books, toys, fruit, tickets, games and heaps of other random things.

I tend to go through phases, between being almost completely unaware of their existence, to needing an hourly hit of sugar or caffeine to keep myself sane. Right now I’m definitely leaning to the latter… Bye.

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