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Kissaten is a traditional Japanese style café. Where you are severed tea

coffee, juices and soft drinks. Iced tea and coffee is very common especially

in summer.

They have been slowly dying out since about 20 years ago. There were much

more in the past. Any that do still exist are rather run-down and only popular

with the older generations.

Although in the past, they were popular for students and businessmen.

The word itself was used much more frequently in the past, however with the

increased presence of western style cafes, it’s a dying word.

kisaten hh

Nowadays the word ‘café’ has completely taken reign over ‘ kissaten’ in

Japanese. You wont find anybody saying ‘lets go to the kissaten’.

Kissaten’s are privately owned and drinks are more expensive than your

western café chain. However the ambience is very unique it takes you into

another era of japan. It is more quiet and personal.

If you want a change from the norm try and grab a coffee at a kissaten.

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