Kitano Brothers from N Field

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Kitano Brothers from N Field

Volume 6
Kitano Brothers
Kyosuke Kitano, N Field, Owner of Kizuna Restaurant N’s Sweets
and Showa Cafe

Kitano Brothers own one Japanese restaurant and two cafes in St Heliers.
We had this interview at the one of them, Showa Café.

Showa Café is located at a corner of local shops in West Tamaki Road. Entering the shop, I got the pleasant aroma of new-made bread. The staffs bake various kinds of beautiful bread, especially the Croissant are made at every 30 minutes so you can always get and enjoy fresh one. Croissant is $2.60 and crispy outside and fluffy inside. There are also Quiches, Pizzas, Salads and Cakes.

Showa cafe menu

The aroma and colourfulness stimulate your appetite

Kyosuke had worked at one of the top flour companies in Japan for 5 years, and learnt everything about flour. After that, he decided to go to NZ as he wanted to make challenge overseas and thought that NZ would develop further. Working as a baker for 3 years, he finally got PR. Yuji immigrated in NZ as well.

During they lived and worked in NZ, they found a difference of culture between Japan and NZ. That is ‘Omiyage’ culture.
In Japan, when we travel or visit somewhere, we often buy small gifts that made locally for family, close friends, colleagues or classmates.
Also we often bring some gifts when we call on someone’s home as a token of appreciation or sometimes even own home as treats for family. This gift giving is called ‘Omiyage’ and millions of gifts are sold for the purpose every day everywhere in Japan.

The gifts categories are various but sweets are the top of popular Omiyage. Japanese traditional sweets, called ‘Wagashi’ make elder people pleased. However European sweets such as Cakes, Cookies, Cream Puffs, Puddings and Fruit Jellies are also very common and popular. The Omiyage culture makes people communicate smoothly. So they started the Showa café and N’s Sweets to share this great culture more and more over NZ. They are welcome both eat-in and takeaway (Omiyage) preparing nice decoration for them.

N's Sweets

When you think about Japan, you will call cars or electric appliances to mind. Kyosuke and Yuji want you to experience the Japanese high standards of Foods including service and cleanness, as well as the Omiyage culture.


This is the 10th anniversary year for the company. As next 5 years’ vision, they are planning to open at least 10 shops in Auckland. The young passionate brothers will surely make the plan a success.

Kitano Brothers

Their favourite place in Japan is Sannomiya in Kobe where entertains people with loads of fashion shops and cafes.

Showa Café
Address: 106 West Tamaki Road, St Heliers, Auckland

KIZUNA Japanese Restaurant
Address: 143 West Tamaki RD, St Heliers, Auckland

N’s Sweets
Address: 58 Waimarie Street, St Heliers, Auckland

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