Melon Pan! Japanese Popular Bread

土曜日 05th, 3月 2016 / 12:00 Written by
Melon Pan!  Japanese Popular Bread

Melon pan is a popular Japanese bread (also popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc) that’s basically buns covered in a crunchy cookie crust.

It is a sweet and adorable bread, and if you go to Japan you can find it anywhere in the bakery or convenience stores, at 100 yen – 350 yen.

Sometimes the inside has custard cream or chocolates are sprinkled 😉

melonpan 2

Is it because I am a Japanese that I think Japanese bread are really nice…?

There are so many bakery stores throughout Japan island, and they create quite various types of bakery. We call ‘Pan’ which originated from Portuguese.

pan ya

Searching Japanese bakery in NZ, I found one bakery but they are located in South Island… Must try their Pans next time I go to CHC.

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