Michiko Kado, Food Stylist of mon cadeau

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Michiko Kado, Food Stylist of mon cadeau

Absolutely Fabulous Japanese Catering!

I have never seen such stylish delightful Japanese food in New Zealand.  Each dish is just so good and is a pleasure to the eye, tongue and body. What’s not to love?



mon cadeau (which means “gifts from me” in French) started business in Aoyama, Tokyo in 2000. In Japan mon cadeau worked with cafes and restaurants to design their menus and presentation of dishes on the plate and at the table. As a food stylist, mon cadeau has also prepared and presented dishes for magazines, brochures and high-end brand events such as Hermes.


mon cadeau catering is perfect for both special occasions and daily needs, whether personal or corporate.


Simple and sophisticated way

Michiko never compromises.   mon cadeau uses organic food and everything is handmade. Since she was young, she has enjoyed serving teas and sweets for visitors to her home. She told me “this is what I can do and I really like it.  I feel happy when cooking good food for the body using clean ingredients.”

Her way of life is always simple and sophisticated.


Lunch services for Air NZ

After she married her Kiwi husband she moved to NZ.   She has made BENTO, Japanese lunch box for him at his office at Air NZ.  His colleagues were so intrigued by the small gorgeous BENTO the rumour spread throughout the Air NZ office and finally she started to sell the Japanese lunch BENTO there.  The most popular menu is a special authentic Japanese curry cooked over 3 days.  Even the red pickled ginger served with this curry is hand made by her, taking over one week!

Alongside the lunch business mon cadeau provides catering to customers ordering through her website. Menus are prepared in consultation with the customer having regard to each customer’s budget and personal taste. Vegetarian menus are also available.


Dramatic catering foods that you can’t find anywhere

 Over the years mon cadeau has observed that her customers preferences are gradually changing.   At the start it was rather conservative with people often choosing dishes like Teriyaki Chicken.  Nowadays though her customers, and especially women customers are very open-minded and seem to want to try and experience new things.  This is a pleasure for Michiko as it gives her the opportunity to produce fine foods tailored to her customers. “I love to produce dynamic and dramatic tables and finger-foods using fresh local ingredients. I want to flatter my customers’ senses.”



Website: http://www.moncadeaux.com/index.php

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mon-cadeau-730743903657302/timeline/


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