MOS Burger…..Japan’s Burger Joint

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MOS Burger…..Japan’s Burger Joint

Back in the 1960s a guy called Satoshi Sakurada worked for an investment company in Los Angeles. In the states he frequented the burger chain Original Tommy’s and fell in love with the cook to order hamburger concept and upon his return to Japan he founded MOS Burger in Tokyo in 1972.


MOS Burger is the second largest fast food chain in Japan, second only to McDonalds. The company currently runs more than 1700 restaurants all over Japan as well as stores throughout the Asia Pacific, the first of these being opened in Taiwan in 1991.

Their signature and original burger, the MOS Burger is still available to this day and its unique selling point is the large amount of mildly spiced (or spicy if you prefer) tomato based MOS sauce that is liberally poured over the burger patty. It’s very tasty but can get a bit messy if you don’t eat it the correct way using the thick waxed wrappers to catch the sauce.


MOS Burger also introduces a unique rice burger to their menu as a different spin on the traditional western hamburger with the bun being made out of rice and the filling being traditional Japanese ingredients such as prawn or kakiage fritters. They also offer many regional burgers depending on what part of the country you are in.


Next time you come across a MOS Burger joint on your travels be sure to try it, I would recommend the original MOS Cheeseburger, the unique sauce is so nice and a great spin on the traditional burger.

Final fact of the day just in case you were wondering MOS stands for Mountain, Ocean, Sun




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