Oodles of Noodles Part 1

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Oodles of Noodles Part 1

Italian pasta, Vietnamese pho, and Japanese noodles (the generic term is ‘men’). But which one of these Japanese noodles do you know?

  1. Udon
  2. Soba
  3. Ramen
  4. Somen


1. Udon is not well known in NZ but it is the most common noodle sold in Japan. The noodles are thick and white made from wheat flour. The most common and popular dish is Kitsune (fox) Udon with a piece of fried tofu on top.

Like a pie or a sammie in NZ, you grab it when you want a quick lunch. Stalls and restaurants are everywhere, even on the platform of railway stations. It is also a comfort food when you don’t feel well and can’t eat much else. Both my nephews and my children enjoyed them when my mother ordered from the local Udon shop near our house. (The guy who delivered them for decades was known to us as ‘Udon shop uncle’. I still don’t know his real name.)


  1. Soba is gray buckwheat noodle, though most of them contain wheat flour. Soba-Uchi, soba2kneeding and cutting Soba is a serious hobby. There are classes to teach how to make it properly. Soba is cooked on the eve of a new year, wishing for long life. It is eaten either hot in broth or cold by dipping in soy sauce flavoured broth.  Oodles of noodles Part 2


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