Puffer Fish – Mysterious and Deadly

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Puffer Fish – Mysterious and Deadly

Pufferfish ‘crop circles’ – Life Story: Episode 5 preview – BBC One

It went viral on YouTube a year ago with more than 1.6 million hits. Life Story by BBC, narrated by David Attenborough, features pufferfish in Japan drawing circular patterns on the sand at the bottom of the sea to attract females.

Fugu, pufferfish, is a delicacy in Japan. I tasted it a couple of times in restaurants. They are sliced paper thin, so you can see through to the pattern on the plate. It tastes good, very delicate. But it can be deadly. A chef needs a special license to serve it. Almost every year some people die of fugu poison that is contained in some parts of their organs. Often they ate one prepared by themselves, but sometimes even by a qualified chef. Was I concerned? Yes, a little bit… Still there are a great number of fugu restaurants in Japan, particularly in Western Japan.

Deadly, but they are cute. You will see even dried puffed fugu for display. Do you dare try fugu sashimi in Japan? Tip: Let someone dining with you eat it first and wait a few minutes. If s/he starts to feel a tingling on their lips, they might die in a couple of minutes. Otherwise, both of you will survive the experience, and it is a great culinary experience.

Fugu sashi

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