Sake KitKat – It’s Alcoholic!

金曜日 29th, 4月 2016 / 09:22 Written by
Sake KitKat – It’s Alcoholic!

My daughter, who is studying in a Japanese university, recently visited New Zealand for three weeks. One of her souvenirs was KitKat Japanese Sake. Yes, it is alcoholic with 0.8% alcohol. The package says, “Children and lightweight drinkers are kindly requested to refrain from consuming this product.”KitKatSake2

Her kiwi friends made comments on this sweet released in Japan this March. “It smells strong. Interesting taste.” “The chocolate and Sake go really well together.” “Very sweet and creamy.” “I would buy it for a house party.” It received thumbs up on some Japanese websites, too.

KitkatSake3So next time you visit Japan, this will be one of your souvenirs, unless you are a teetotaler.  Kanpai! (Cheers!)

Wasabi KitKat

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