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Do  you use Salt often?

We do! Not only for cooking.

We call salt SHIO in Japanese.

Salt is regarded as the great element of purification in Japan;

it is belived to be effective in providing balance, warding off evil spirits,

and generating strength. It features in many Shinto rites.


One example is the salt thrown by sumo wrestlers before each bout to purify

both themselves and the ring(dohyo).


Salt is also sprinkled on an empty plot of land at a graound-breaking ceremony(jichinsai) to pacify the god of the soil.

Another example is mori-jio, small conical mounds of salt placed on a saucer at one or both sides of the entrance to a house to purify all those who enter.


Similar piles are sometimes seen outside restaurants today.


Well, I put salt in hot bath as bathsalt,too.

So I can get sweat and feel so good.

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