Wanko Soba Challenge!

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Wanko Soba Challenge!

Feeling hungry? Love Noodles? Want to win a prize?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions then you need to get yourself to Azumaya restaurant in the Iwate prefecture, north of Tokyo and home of soba noodles to take on the All-you-can-eat Wanko Soba challenge!

For about Y2750 or around $35NZ you get a never ending bowl of soba noodles served in small mouth sized bowls as soon as you finish it will immediately be refilled by your wait staff who will encourage you with shouts of ‘Jan, Jan’ or ‘more, more’ and the finished bowls are stacked up beside you so you can see how much, or how little you have eaten (15 bowls are roughly 1 full portion).

The record for this challenge is a stomach bulging 570 bowls!!!


The realistic aim for people though, and what you need to achieve to prize is 80 bowls for women or 100 bowls for men! Still a hell of a lot of noodles! As soon as you stop its game over so the best tactic is to just slurp them down and move onto the next before your body realises what is happening.

To break up the taste of the noodles you will get a variety of side toppings such as nori, pickled vegetables and egg roll.

I am defiantly up for the challenge next time I visit Japan! But will have to not eat for 24 hours before and wear sweat pants!!


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