Wasabi – the green stuff that makes you cry

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Wasabi – the green stuff that makes you cry

I was given some Wasabi KitKat. I gave one to my son and the other to one of my Yoga わさびfriends who loves Wasabi, and asked for their comments. My son says, “I don’t taste it.” The white chocolate which looks green is too mild for his taste buds. He works part-time at a Sushi shop and they use Wasabi all the time. My Yoga friend gave me a similar comment. She found the chocolate too sweet and it overwhelmed the subtle wasabi flavor. Wasabi KitKat did not live up to its name.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWasabi, which is actually a stem underground, is grown only in very pure water. Traditionally it is grated on shark skin to maximize its flavor and texture. We use a can of powder or paste in tubes for daily cooking, and they can contain Western horseradish and other additives.

Wasabi, you guessed it, is good for your health. It helps prevent blood わさびのチューブclots, osteoporosis, even cancer by its antioxidant properties. We use it not only in foods such as rice crackers, pickles, mayo, even ice cream, we also use wasabi sheets in a lunchbox to prevent it from going bad in the summer heat and to repel insects.

Can you think of more innovative use of Wasabi? How about giving some to actors who struggle to cry on the cue?



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