The World Most exhilarating roller coaster “DO・DODONPA” Renewal!

水曜日 03rd, 5月 2017 / 12:00 Written by
The World Most exhilarating roller coaster “DO・DODONPA” Renewal!

A few years ago, I went to FujiQ Highland in Japan, and regretted why I haven’t been here since I was born! The rides and attractions there are almost “ART” for me.

One of the impressive rides was “DODONPA”. It goes up to 172 km/h (111 mph) in a mere 1.8 sec. after launch. The thrilling sense of acceleration you can’t experience anywhere in the world. I couldn’t breathe actually.

Now, the DODONPA is in renewal. On 15th July this year, it comes back with MORE SPEED, MORE ACCELERATION, and MORE LOOP! It will be number ONE in Japan.

The world biggest loop diameter : 39.7m

Loop Height : 49m from the ground

The world fastest maximum Speed : 180 km/h

Total length : 1.244 m

Experience the world most exhilarating roller coaster and feel Japanese craftsmanship!

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