101 Dalmatians?

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101 Dalmatians?

ITO Jakuchu (not Pikachu!) is a ‘pop artist’ who was born exactly 300 years ago and is hugely popular in the 21th century.

1. How many puppies are there in the painting above? (The answer is at the bottom of this article.)

2. How many different flowers? (If you can multiply, it is not very hard to answer.)


3. How many roosters are there? (You can count, can’t you?)


4. How many sparrows are there? (The answer is at the bottom of this article.)

Spot the albino. (Not so hard, unlike Where’s Wally?)


5. Lastly, how many monks are there in this Buddhist paradise? (Sorry, I leave it to you.)


1. Answer: 59.

4. Answer: 74.

The video explains the hidden philosophy in the painting of the dogs.

ITO Jakuchu  100 dogs



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