Famous Select Shop opens “BEAMS JAPAN”

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Famous Select Shop opens “BEAMS JAPAN”

One of the biggest Japanese fashion brand BEAMS opened “BEAMS JAPAN” in Shinjuku.

Since the establishment in 1976, BEAMS has selected cool stuff and clothing around the world and led Japanese fashion and lifestyle. Now the company has more than 150 stores in Japan and international.

This is its 40th anniversary project to promote Japanese beautiful culture inside and outside the country.

The department has 6 floors and each reflects main theme, which is “食(Eats)、祭(Festival)、衣(Clothing)、眼(Eyes)、趣(Hobby)、匠(Crafts).

There are made-in Japan items, and you will enjoy the interesting mixture of old and new Japanese culture. Also crafts beers and special curry made with 100 years ago recipe…!!






Addrss: 〒160-0022 3-32-6 B1F – 5F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5368-7300

Opening hours:11:00~20:00(1F-5F)
8:30~22:30(1F Cafe)
11:30~23:00(B1F Restaurant)


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