Potter around Japanese Pottery

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Potter around Japanese Pottery

Guess what my parents and I saw in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul in Turkey, Potterybesides huge diamonds and blue tiles.  A whole room was dedicated to porcelain vases, bowls and plates imported from Japan between the 17th and 19th century. I remember our excitement and pride meeting the art pieces from our homeland. The other day I enjoyed the exhibition of Pottery2Japanese pottery at Pah Homestead in Hillsborough. The gallery is small, tucked away behind a café, and has a limited number of art works, but it showcases a variety of areas and artists and the explanation on the wall was concise, which makes it a good introduction to Japanese pottery.

As often is the case with Japanese pottery, or any art form for that matter, some Pottery4are traditional and others modern or avant-garde, some are delicate and ornate and others rough and if I may say, ugly. You pick your favourite. My favourite pieces are the deep blue colour bowl and the vase with painting of Pottery5magnolia flowers.

The Pah Homestead itself is worth visiting, not very far from the motorway. Beautiful garden with a view of One Tree Hill and impressive historical mansion whose balcony has café-restaurant tables. Oops, this site is not about tourism in New Zealand, but you can get two cultures in one visit!

Japanese Pottery: The Rising Generation From Traditional Japanese Kilns

Until 19 June


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