Sonoko, Walking instructor

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Sonoko, Walking instructor


Do you walk properly?
In NZ people enjoy walking to take care of their health and to stay fit. But do you actually walk properly?
Sonoko is a walking specialist who teaches proper ways of walking that focus on posture and the core muscles. Your core gives you stability and helps power the moves you make every day. Strong, well-balanced core muscles can also improve your posture, help prevent back injuries and lose weight.


Sonoko’s relationship with walking
Whilst Sonoko was staying in England for a couple of months to learn English during her university years she was impressed with how nicely people were walking through the streets of London. Wondered, why is it that people in Japan did not have the same poise when they walked. This gave her enough interest to take it further to learn more about the technique of walking.

While she was an English teacher in Japan, she also trained at HAKUBI KIMONO WALKING SCHOOL where they learn the technique of walking wearing with and without Kimono. There she gained her license to officially become a walking instructor.

After her career as a English teacher she became a flight attendant for a Europe based airline, gave her an opportunity to put her gained skills into practice.

She moved to Hong Kong due to her husband’s work and there she began teaching alongside her friend who ran a beauty salon business, a salon providing various beauty services which included the walking lessons.
After two years, her husband’s work brought the family to move to New Zealand and Sonoko started to operate her own business.

For Walkers in NZ
When seeing lot of Kiwis walking on the street or on the beach, though she is happy to see so many walking enthusiasts, she also feels they would benefit from reviewing their walking postures to ensure a more effective result. To correct your posture is good for not only physical health but also for your mind. Mind and body are linked. Her aim is to assist each individual to gain a better life through walking.

Her walking sessions are usually held on beautiful beaches in Auckland, and the price is $30/hour per person . Her menu is held in 4 steps/session, 1st: Posture, 2nd: Lower body, 3rd: Upper body and 4th Summary. She recommends having this session every two weeks for an effective body change and to keep fit. One-off trial lesson is also welcome. She will provide sessions to suit each client’s condition such as stiffness, soreness or pregnancy.
She takes photos of client’s postures before and after the sessions to check the change and improvement. She finds enjoyment and fulfillment when clients see and feel the dramatic change in their posture resulting in better body shape to say the least. But her most happiness is when she sees her clients feel better about themselves and regains their positive mind.


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