Taiyaki – it’s hot!

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Taiyaki – it’s hot!

Shaped like Tai (snapper), this sweet is popular in Japan. But is this eaten hot or cold? Well, this photo actually shows icecream. My husband is a great fan of Japanese icecream and travels all the way to his favourite icecream shop by bicycle, and when he found these he couldn’t resist buying some.Taiyaki 2

Usually taiyaki is sold hot. When you buy them frozen, you microwave to warm them up at home. This traditioal cake has crisp waffle coating shaped like fish and its filling is sweetened red bean (azuki) paste. It is sold at food stalls and shops, and the price is very reasonable, so it is a handy snack when you feel peckish. We judge its quality by crispness of the baked shell (fish!) and check if anko (bean paste) is filled to the tip of its tail.

Taiyaki 3If you go online, you will see recipe of homemade taiyaki. Of course the crucial point is to find fish-shaped mold. We believe its yumminess greatly hinges on the fish shape.

Please enjoy the song, ‘Swim! Mr. Taiyaki’, a big hit since its release in 1975, though the ending is rather sad…

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