The Japanese and their umbrellas

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The Japanese and their umbrellas

Having a tropical climate, it is actually rather rainy in Japan. In particular during the rainy season or ‘Tsuyu’. This lasts around a month, not entirely every day but sometimes weeks of non-stop rain.

For some reason the Japanese detest getting wet. Nobody likes it but the measure Japanese take to stay dry is quite remarkable. People normally bring umbrellas with them everyday during this period just in case it starts to rain.

The Japanese love compact products, and umbrellas are no exception.

Folding umbrellas are clearly the most popular in Japan. They are small, easy to carry, cheap and light. These are called “Biniru-Gaza”, sold at ‘konbini’ , pharmacists, supermarkets and other discount stores. They go for 100-600 Yen depending on size


Unfortunately they break easily and people often forget them at work or when pout and about. The plastic cannot be good for the environment. When entering department stores and supermarkets, if it has been raining it is customary to leave your umbrella outside such as in a ‘konbini’ or to use an umbrella plastic bag.

These bags are used to prevent water dripping from the umbrella. These are normally available outside the shops. Once again these are thrown away after use, which is a waste too.




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