Turn Your Pet into a Samurai!!!

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Turn Your Pet into a Samurai!!!

Based in Fukuoka City, the company Samurai Age produces a variety of fashion items and lifestyle goods that borrow their aesthetic from Japan’s legendary warrior class – The Samurai. Given the recent surge in enthusiasm for both history and cosplay among people in Japan, the company’s designs attract plenty of attention, and now your pet can look the part too.

samurai pet 1

Samurai’s Pet Armor (or “Pet Yoroi,” as it’s called in Japanese) line allows your pet cat or dog dress in feudal period-style outfits.

However, in modern, peaceful Japanese society, the odds of being attacked by rival samurai or a shadowy shinobi assassin are slim. Because of that, this Pet Armor is more about looking cute/cool than protecting your pet from melee attacks.

The outfits are made out of lightweight foam resin to allow the animals to maintain their mobility, and instead of having to be tied on by armour-assisting servants, the pieces attach to one another with snaps, making it, well, a snap to put the costume on or take it off.

My dog defiantly needs one of these

Check out the Samurai Age website to place your order now!

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