Capybara Hot springs

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Capybara Hot springs

Hot springs are rampant around Japan. Most prefectures have

them, and even if there is not a natural source there are also

man made ones.

The Capybara hot springs are rather unique. In that it is where

big rodents called capybara soak in the hot springs all day


These animals are in fact native to the amazon, love the

water. Apparently as it was so cold in the winter they had to

stay out the zoos water in winter.

Now zoos make sure there is plenty of hot water for them.

They normally soak in for up to one hour. Even citrus fruits like

‘yuzu’ are added to the water to give it a nice aroma.

The hot springs for the capybaras are generally open just for a

few months during the coldest periods of the year.

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