Evanescent Beauty of HOTARU (Firefly)

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Evanescent Beauty of HOTARU (Firefly)

At Summer night, we can see beautiful lighting bugs, HOTARU (Firefly) throughout Japan.

The conditions required by the fireflies are extremely precise and require a good source of unchlorinated water as well as rice fields and a delta shaped landscape.

Also it should be no wind and no moonlight if you want to see their activities well.

They can live only for 7 to 10 days, and male attract and propose female by illuminating its body.

In Japan, we have HOTARU tour, packaging hotel or Ryokan (Japanese styled accommodation) with meals plus HOTARU night tour, which is popular for family and couple.

New Zealand ‘s glowworms are friends of Japanese HOTARU.

Both experiences must be very fantastic and memorable for your life.

Here is the useful link for your information and plans .


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