Gujo Bon-Odori

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Gujo Bon-Odori

This is a traditional Japanese dance that is held as

part of the bon-odori one of the most famouse of

Japanese festivals.

It is taken place in Gujo Hachiman, in Gifu

prefecture. It is a small scenic town with a

riverside. The festival takes place between July and

September that is during the Obon period.

The festival originally comes from a Buddhist

custom to show resect to the spirits of ancestors.

This incorporates a dance called ‘Bon-Odori’.

This festival is over 400 years old and started when

a lord decided to bring everybody to dance together

regardless of status.

The merit of this event is the opportunity to take

part in a traditional Japanese custom. You dance all

night between august 13th to august 16th. You can

just follow the locals but classes are also available

before if you want to get it just right.

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