Hanayashiki – Japans original amusement park

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Hanayashiki – Japans original amusement park

Nestled near the famous Senso-ji temple roughly 5 minutes from Asakusa Station is one of Tokyo’s hidden gems….. Hanayashiki. Established in 1853, originally as a flower park it is Japan’s oldest and original amusement park.


Surrounded by tall modern buildings and neatly fitted in its spot the small park is packed full of over 20 rides and attractions from roller coasters to ninja runs.

Most of the attractions are from back in the day and they look that way but that is part of the charm of the place. When there you feel a touch of nostalgia.

The roller coaster is the oldest steel type track coaster in Japan and it hits the dizzying speeds of 42km per hour, with no loops and crazy spins it’s still very fun and pretty scary as it looks and sounds pretty old.


The old school ghost train was also one of my favourites. Sitting in the car moving slowly along the dark track while classic ghosts and monster jump out on you and loud screeches try to jump you. Not scary by today’s standards but reminded me of being a child again.

There is also great entertainment for the younger kids too with shows and gentle rides including panda cars and merry go rounds. There is also a number of themed gift shops and a food court for when you get hungry.

Entry to the park is just Y1000 for adults and Y500 for children and then access to rides is done with a ticket system which is priced at Y100 per ticket, rides range from 2 to 5 tickets. It’s defiantly worth a visit if you have a spare few hours during your visit to Tokyo

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