How much is Lord Nobunaga’s Life in Azuchi Castle?

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How much is Lord Nobunaga’s Life in Azuchi Castle?

Nobunaga Oda is the most powerful samurai in Japan.

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He turned over control of the Owari & Mino provinces to his eldest son Nobutada and set his own eyes on the unification of all Japan. In 1576, Nobunaga established his new castle and power base at Azuchi on Lake Biwa. This is 6-storey 43m high building, and told as the first high-rise residential building in Japan.

However unfortunately, the castle was short lived. After Nobunaga was killed by Akechi Mitsuhide in 1582 at Honnoji Temple, Azuchi Castle was burned to the ground in a battle between Nobunaga’s second son Nobukatsu and Akechi’s men who had taken over the castle….

azuchi jo

But! You will have a chance to experience Nobunaga’s ambitious life in a replicated Azuti Castle in this present life!

The price is only 5,000,000 Yen per night. (65,701.96 NZD : 1 NZD = 76.101 JPY as today)

This will include Lord experience such as royal procession riding a horse, the most gorgeous Kaiseki meals, Rolls-Royce and helicopter transportation services and etc. As you don’t have to be attacked by anyone only to enjoy the top samurai life, the price may be reasonable.

This service will start from April 2018.

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