Japanese fireworks (HANABI)

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Japanese fireworks (HANABI)

In London we celebrate guy fawkes night with fireworks and on new years eve there are fireworks in the centre of London by the river thames. These last at max 20 minutes. Yet in Japan they can o for as long as two hours! Yes two hours.

The reason being that there are ten minute intervals in between each segment. This is always an excuse to get more food and drinks, yakitori, beer, yakisoba noodles and more.

The fireworks festivals are called ‘Hanabi’ which uses the characters flower fire.  They take palce every summer along with most fo the other Japanese festivals. All you need to do is see a large crowd of people wearing the ‘yutaka’ and you know a festival is on. This is a thin kimono worn in the summer.

I think the main difference between Japanese and Western fireworks displays is that the Japanese style tends to be more relaxed, slow paced and socially focuses. I assume most people come out for the overall vibe, the beer the food as opposed to the fireworks themselves.

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