Masako, owner of B&B Olive Garden

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Masako, owner of B&B Olive Garden

Come and stay in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

B&B Olive Garden is located at Alfriston, an easy distance from the Auckland CBD and Auckland International Airport. The peace and quiet place gives you a real relaxing feeling, leaving the urban hustle and bustle. The views from there are magnificent and you can see hundreds of twinkle stars and sometimes see shooting stars at night. The Botanic Garden is just 3 minutes’ drive.

The guestroom is clean and tidy. Guests are offered tastefully a furnished bedroom with best quality beds and wool duvets, underlays and pillows, and tea/coffee. You will have an ensuite bathroom and a spacious wardrobe with plenty of storage space. Wi-Fi available.

Cosy comfortable room

Cosy comfortable room

Masako operates the B&B Olive Garden to make Japanese visitors feel comfortable in this country where people speak in English. Customers can feel as if they stay at their relative’s home or friend’s one. The breakfast can be chosen from Japanese or European style. Most of her customers order the Japanese breakfast which is healthy and homely. The ingredients are fresh from NZ.
She loves cooking foods and sweets, and seeing guests saying ‘this was really nice!’ with a smile. Her foods make people happy and relieved, which makes Masako happy. One of most pleasant things is talking with guests as there are already common feelings that they love about New Zealand.


Japanese Breakfast – All cooked and absolute delight

Skiing and playing golf are Masako’s hobby throughout her life. She has grown up in Hokkaido where Japanese often say it is similar to NZ. The beautiful scenery stretch away and there is plenty of the bounties from land and ocean. Hokkaido has relatively cool summers and snowy winters, so Masako used to go to school sliding on skis. Although she moved to Saitama, next to Tokyo, when she was 12, she still loves skiing as her body completely inputs how to ski.

Regarding to golf, she worked at a company which operates golf courses in Japan and naturally she got attracted to golf. After she finished with this company, she visited to Taupo in NZ at first time, to both learn English and play golf. At the time, she was impressed how amazingly beautiful NZ is, and it has attracted her.
By good connections she managed to come back to NZ with a working holiday visa, and eventually lived here with her two boys. Now she wants to restart playing golf.


Feel relaxation surrounded with flowers and trees of fruits

Also she is planning to start gardening using the huge garden back of the B&B, and to serve the vegetables that she grows. She always welcomes any visitors so if you are interested in her B&B with the fantastic foods and views, please visit the website.

You can enjoy this private pool in summer season

You can enjoy this private pool in summer season

Address: 140 Polo Prince Dr, Alfriston, Auckland, New Zealand

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