Onsen manners

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Onsen manners

To visitors who would like to experience of Japanese public bath and hot spring spa, here is some advice.

  1. Not many baths are unisex, so don’t worry (or get disappointed!).Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.54.58 PM
  1. You enter separate changing rooms for male and female. You can tell which one to enter, just like toilets.
  1. Make sure to lock the locker and take the key with you after pushing in your clothes.
  1. Don’t be over self-conscious that you are naked. People don’t pay much attention, and often it is too Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.55.10 PMsteamy to see much.
  1. Hide your front with a small towel if it is provided.
  1. Wash your body using the shower or bowl, often sitting on a stool.
  1. It’s a big no-no to dip your towel in the bath tub. Take it off just before you get in.
  1. Try different tubs if there are more than one. Outdoor tubs are very nice when you want to keep your Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.55.20 PMhead cool.
  1. Just be careful not to stay in the hot water too long. It may make you dizzy.
  1. Dry your body with the small towel. The changing room is comfortable with amenities you can take advantage of, so relax and take time to cool off.

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