Outskirts of Kyoto Part 2

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Outskirts of Kyoto Part 2

Sagano Romantic Train arrives in Kameoka city, and you can board the boat I mentioned in img_0725Part 1 after a 10 minute walk, but we did not have enough time to go down the rapids. After taking some photos of the countryside we took the train back.

img_0747From there, we walked down to Arashi-yama (‘storm mountain’) area. Hozu river downstream is much wider and gentle. There are a number of shops and restaurants catering for tourists, and we had tea in a small café, with a small garden. The tea set served was matcha, powdered img_0734green tea, and a small rice cake. Later we had lunch in a restaurant overlooking the river. It is in the prime location, but the prices are reasonable. We both enjoyed a img_0738beautifully presented lunch set with a glass of shochu.

We visited a number of small temples tucked away in the hills. They are not grand at all, but are true gems with wooden huts and gardens covered with lush green moss. Adashino-img_0772Nenbutsuji is famous for the thousands of tombstones. Rakushisha, with its iconic persimmon tree, is a small house related to a famous poet and now a mecca for Haiku lovers. img_0799Visitors post their haiku into the box in the garden and selected poems are printed in the quarterly pamphlet.

When I talked to a local lady, she mentioned the fact that the area was looked down on by town people in Kyoto as ‘rural’. It may lack the img_0763sophistication and grandeur of central temples and shrines, but it certainly has beauty and charm essential to Japanese culture.

It was a very satisfying and memorable trip for both my daughter and me.

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