Red, hot and addictive blob – Mentaiko

金曜日 19th, 8月 2016 / 11:01 Written by
Red, hot and addictive blob – Mentaiko

Fukuoka is famous for its seafood, and the most well-known nationwide is Hakata Mentaiko. It is cod roe pickled with sake, seaweed, sugar, soy sauce, yuzu citrus and hot red chili pepper. It is definitely moreish and addictive when it is eaten with steaming hot white rice. Funnily enough, most cod roe is from Hokkaido, the northernmost island. You may have some reservation about trying unusual seafood served in Japan, but this one does not challenge you in any way if you have tried salmon roe and kina (sea urchin) before. Mentaiko Pasta is a very common and popular dish.

Fukuoka or Hakata – the city of two names?

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