Self Make-Up Lounge: Freshen Up and Recharge with Only 300 yen

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Self Make-Up Lounge: Freshen Up and Recharge with Only 300 yen

Tangelbe1here always comes a time when you’ve had enough of lagging big backpacks and suitcases into cramped, often queuing restrooms in train stations to freshen up after a long travel. You can opt for a coffee shop, especially if you’re in need of charging your devices and maybe even find a seat to rest for a little while.
But these cafes in the city are often tiny and can rarely be described as quiet and relaxing. Businessmen and women are literally radiating the aura of haste, and vibrant young city goers are loudly chit chatting away in a language you do not understand. All you want to do is to change your clothes, wash your face and fix your make up, and maybe sit down in a quiet place if time allows.

So ladies, say goodbye to paying for coffee every time to use a crowded, cramped and often over-stimulating place for rest, as self make-up lounges are fast becoming a popular alternative for female travelers and businesswomen. There are many different self make-up lounge companies around major cities in Japan, but most offer similar services, with the fee of 300 yen per hour and up. These lounges not only come with spacious toilets, basins and quiet semi-private powder booths, but with no extra charge you can enjoy:88143_top

– Spacious, private changing rooms

– Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and products

– Range of good quality cosmetics and nail polish

– Herbal tea and purified waters8

– Smoking area

– Electric plugs to charge your devices

– Magazines

Each powder booths are equipped with a large mirror, drawers with a lock,s4 plug sockets, tissues and section dividers for semi-privacy. There are even larger powder booths with angled mirrors for individuals more invested in make-up and styling. If you require more than an hour to freshen up and rest, or just went overboard trying out all the cosmetics and hair products, rest assured! Time extensions vary between companies but are no more than a few extra coins. Other extra-fee features include:


– Shower (not all SMUL offer shower rooms)

– Hair styling by staff

– Kimono rental and dressing (prior reservation required)

– New pair of socks and stockings

Self make-up lounges are a great alternative for travelers seeking space to rest and tidy themselves up before or after a long journey. Many are located inside major train stations and shopping malls, so treat yourself the next time you travel to Japan with just a few spare change!

A list of few major self make-up lounges:



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