Series Travel Japan No. 5 Go to Gokayama!

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Series Travel Japan No. 5 Go to Gokayama!

Gokayama is a world heritage site located at the southern end of Nanto city. We drove for 50 minutes along Shogawa River, but you can take buses. I met a Japanese family in a campervan from Tokyo (They happened to have lived in New Zealand some years before).

This small village in a valley is highly photogenic. It has a couple of dozen old houses, some of which have been converted to museums and shops, others still lived in by local residents. It is fascinating to explore these buildings, learning about the lifestyle several centuries ago, including the traditional silk worm facilities in the roof space. After walking around the village and its surrounding areas, you can have meals with local tofu and vegetables, and of course buy souvenirs.

Gokayama museum EnglishTip: Go to Gokayama! You won’t regret it.

Tip: If you drive, get there early in the morning. Otherwise you will end up queuing for a car park.



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