Series Travel Japan No. 6 – Art Trail in Nanto

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Series Travel Japan No. 6 – Art Trail in Nanto

What really impressed me about Nanto City is that it has so many points of interest if you are an art and history buff. After visiting old houses in Gokayama, we dropped in at Johana town, which has a museum featuring traditional festival floats. The next day we visited the town of Inami which has a museum and a number of shops showcasing its traditional wood carving. We also visited Fukumitsu town to see art works by renowned artist Shiko Munakata. On top of that, Tonami City right next to Nanto city has a museum where I could see the exhibition of my favorite Cat photographer, Mitsuaki Iwago. All in short drive from our business hotel.


On the way back from Gokayama, instead of following the river, we went via an jouhana2inland route. There is a lookout on a hilltop from where you have a view of the city. Coming down to the populated area, Johana Hikiyama museum is on the main street.

jouhanaThe building is a unique combination of traditional and modern. On the ground floor, a big and tall space contains some of the floats used for festivals dating back to 1717. They are decorated with colourful carvings. The room regularly gets dark with lanterns turned on to show what they look like at night. You can of course watch videos to see the festivals nowadays.

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