Series Travel Japan No. 9 – Kenrokuen

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Series Travel Japan No. 9 – Kenrokuen

After spending time in Nanto City to our heart’s content, we drove to Kanazawa station to return the car, but on the way we dropped in at Kenrokuen.

teahouseKenrokuen is one of the most famous gardens in Japan, and its stone lantern by the pond is an iconic symbol. You struggle to take a photo without hordes of tourists in front of it, so I recommend entering the garden early in the morning before the crowds. The extensive garden includes the tea house and a small hill adorned with maple trees.

Tucked away in a corner of the garden is the Museum of Traditional Arts teahouse2and Crafts. You will see high quality pieces from porcelain to jewelry and if you fancy one, you can even buy it. My art galore continued… In the souvenir shop I bought a box of green tea sachets with bits of gold leaves. Yes, real gold. Kanazawa is famous for the production of gold (99% in Japan).

kanazawaBack in Kanazawa station, my husband hopped on a Shinkansen to go back to Tokyo where he would spend some days with a friend. I had to go back to my hometown to renew my driver’s license before it expires (!) so I took an express to reach Kyoto, where I would take a Shinkansen. Again it was very easy to take trains using Japan Rail Pass, and the express services were frequent and regular. After enjoying the green rural scenery through the ‘back’ of Japan, I got home.

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