Shotoku Mentaishi at Fukuoka Day!

火曜日 30th, 8月 2016 / 12:25 Written by
Shotoku Mentaishi at Fukuoka Day!

At the Fukuoka Day on the 3rd September, Yuru-chara “Shotoku Mentaishi” will be coming.

In Japan we have various mascot characters for any stuffs.

“Yuru Chara” are characterized by their kawaii (cute) and unsophisticated designs, often incorporating motifs that represent local culture, history or produce. You can see them on product packages, TV commercials, festivals, and theme parks.

Shotoku Mentaisi is obviously Mentaiko, red cod from Hakata, Fukuoka.

Apparently he can make dreams come true if your head is rubbed by his rice paddle.

Let’s see him and dance together at the Fukuoka Day!




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