Statue of Liberty in Japan

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Statue of Liberty  in Japan



There is another statue of Liberty here in Tokyo.
However, this statue is little bit smaller than true one in the US, it is located in ODAIBA where is visited by lots of tourists during whole of seasons.

Especially in summer, plenty of people including Japanese tourists visit there because ODAIBA is also one of the most popular place to hung out with your friends and lover. Most of buildings there is modern architectures such as FUJI TV building, top of there’s figure is round like a ball.
Statue of Liberty in Japan direct to FUJI TV building and behind of statue is sea!!
Additionally, there is a big amusement park name is JOYPOLIS, and huge GUMDAM statue name’s Gumdam Front Tokyo.
You can buy anything in big shopping malls in ODAIBA.

Finally, it is highly recommended to pop into ODAIBA when you feel going out!!

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